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Ante natal Classes

Ante natal Classes
Our Ante natal classes aim to prepare you and your spouse to have an enjoyable pregnancy and a manageable labour and confidence in handling and caring for your newborn.
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The classes provides you with practical answers to questions on health, pregnancy, preparation for labour and delivery, relaxation and breathing exercises, antenatal exercises, breastfeeding, care of yourself post delivery and care of the newborn.


Classes available:


                 - Private

                 - Small groups of 4-5 couples

                 - Larger groups


For private and small group classes, please call the office for details.


The larger group classes are conducted once a week. There are 4 sessions in a course.


Each session is 3 hours and practical work is involved.


Classes are as follows: Fridays: start at 7.30 pm

        Saturdays start at 2.30 pm





Session 1:

Recognizing Derivations from Normal Progression in pregnancy.

Preparation for Parenthood.

Relaxation technique.

Ante natal exercises.


Session 2:

Importance of Early Breast Feeding.

Steps to successful breast feeding.

Care of self Post Caesarean Section and breast feeding.

Signs of labour.

Admission Procedures.


Session 3:

Tour of Labour Suite.

Husband's role during Labour and Delivery.

Preparation for Normal Labour and Delivery.

Normal labour and Delivery Process.

Pain Management.

Breathing Technique for stage 1+2.


Session 4:

Care and support for mother during Puerperium.

The Newborn - what to expect in the first few months.

Meeting the Needs of your newborn.



video, white board, discussions, transparencies, practical.





Frequently asked Questions for Ante Natal Classes


When is the best time to start the classes?


It is advisable to start the classes when you are in your 30 - 32 weeks of gestation. Ideally we aim to finish the classes about 4 weeks before your estimated due date.



Can husband attend the classes as well? Are there additional charges for spouse?


Husbands are very welcome to the classes. In fact, one of the topics is preparing husbands to enable them to assist their spouse in labour and delivery. As parenting requires team work, we firmly believe in preparing the team members.


The fee is for per couple.



What language is the course conducted in? I am unsure if I will be able to follow the medical terms used during the class. Besides, my spoken command of English is not very strong.


The classes are conducted in English. We try our very best not to include too many medical terminology during the classes. Most of the participants have not have issues with the simple, every day English that we use. Besides, the parenting specialists are also able to speak in Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese.


If you are more comfortable, we can also arrange for private classes



What type of clothing should I wear for the classes?


Comfortable clothing, preferable trousers as there will be exercises involved.



What if my husband cannot make it for the class? Can I attend alone?


Of Course! Although it would be lovely to have your husband to attend together with you for all the sessions, but if he is unavailable, you can attend on your own and update him later.



How to book for and make payment for these home visits or get further information?


For booking or further enquirers, please call 03-7726-7002 or fill up the form and either fax or email to us.

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