Post Delivery Home Visit

Jenlia Maternal Services started the Post Delivery Home visits in the Klang Valley in 1993. The Post Delivery Home visits are designed to lessen the anxieties and heighten the joys of early parenting. The aims of the post delivery home visits are to provide support for the new parents in acquiring early parenting knowledge and skills. This include all aspects of feeding including support for breast feeding and management of breast feeding, physical care of the new born with special regards to the environment, physical care, sleep, establishment of routine and sleep training, providing resources for the parents and ensuring the normal growth and development of the baby.

During the visit, the educator also discuss and ensure that the mother general health is well, her wound or episiotomy is healing, provides advice on diet, pros and cons of traditional practices and watch out for possible complications. 

About the Home Visits

During these visits, we will
• monitor you and your baby’s progress, • assisting you with issues of breastfeeding,
• check your baby’s weight and progress • guide you in recognizing your baby’s cries  and needs
• meeting his needs with confidence • establishing routine • assist in issues of sleep 
• weaning • providing suggestions and advise on the care of your baby care
• Advise on care of yourself with emphasis on diet and exercise
• support you in your new role as parents • assist you in acquiring skills in early parenting 

• Visits are available within the Klang Valley
• Each visit will take about 1 hour
• Appointment is necessary
• Single visits or packages of 3 and 5 visits are available


Frequently asked Questions about the Home Visits

When do I book for these services?
It is advisable to give us a call to inform us of your estimated date of delivery and your intention to us our service. As babies will arrive when they are ready, do inform us once baby is born to enable us to schedule a visit to your home as soon as we can. 

When will be the first visit? 
Ideally, the first visit should be a day or two after discharge. The initial visit is important to ensure that breast feeding is going smoothly ,to check mother’s general well being and to ensure that baby is feeding well, that the room temperature is appropriate for baby,  to check for jaundice, ensure cord is properly cared for and also to answer questions you may have about yourself or baby since discharge.

Can I call only when I have a problem? Can you come over immediately?
We work on an appointment system and as such, it may not always be possible to slot in an appointment at the last minute. It is advisable to book an appointment if you think you would like some professional advice on the care of yourself and baby post delivery even though you may not be having any issues at that moment. The visits are not only to offer solutions to issues but to also anticipate and prepare you on what to expect and offer advice on managing the issues.

 If I have a confinement lady, do I still need your services?
The job description of a confinement lady is to offer domestic assistance in the household and to assist mother in caring for the newborn. Traditionally, they have little or no professional training and experience comes with the job. A parenting educator is a trained nurse and midwife with special interest in early parenting and support the mother in her new role.

What is the difference between your services and home nursing?
Home nursing is a service whereby a nurse is employed to care for an ill or convalescing patient in the home. Our service specializes in mothers and babies and we offer advice on care of the mother and issues of early parenting.

How to book for and make payment for these home visits or get further information?
For booking or further enquiry, please call 03-77267002, email info@jenlia.com or WhatsApp 0162768907