About us

Jenlia Maternal Services was set up in 1993 by a team of UK trained nurses – midwives who have extensive working experience both locally and abroad. The company aims to provide parents and parents- to -be with evidence based information to assist parents to make informed choices, support, and knowledge and acquire skills in early parenting. This is made available via ante natal classes, post natal home visits and parenting seminars and workshops.


The classes are very comprehensive as we believe, to be properly prepared; the parents should have information from pregnancy, preparation for parenthood, the child birth, breast feeding and care of both baby and mother after delivery.

Post Delivery Home Visit

Jenlia Maternal Services started the Post Natal Home visits in the Klang Valley in 1993. The Post Natal Home visits are designed to lessen the anxieties and heighten the joys of early parenting. The aims of the post natal home visits are to provide ...

Baby Massage

Infant massage has been practiced for centuries. In Asia and parts of Africa, infants are routinely massaged by parents and other family members for months after birth. We all know that parental contact is critical to an infant’s psychosocial well being.

Asian Parenting Today

In 2006, the 3 parenting educators from Jenlia Maternal Services published their first parenting book. Asian Parenting Today was born from numerous requests by parents with whom they have worked with over the past decade. The book was written to specifically address the issues and concerns of Asian parents today 

Asian parents today are often faced with the quandary of either subscribing to western practices or to follow the traditional customs of their mothers and grandmothers before them. The book addresses many of the very common childcare issues that parents today face, with special emphasis and respect to Asian cultural beliefs and practices. It provides real life questions and practical realistic solutions for new parents to help make their parenting experience in the important first year an enjoyable one.

The book is published in English and has since been translated into Mandarin as well.

What peoples say about us

All the sessions were presented very professionally and all questionable answered satisfactorily. The instructors are very knowledgeable......
My husband and I found the classes very enjoyable and very informative. Thanks for giving us the extra knowledge and confidence.......
After attending the classes, I am now more confident and knowledgeable about child birth and the post natal care of myself and my newborn.......
Very impressed with the information received and the ability of the instructors who are very professional. Good work!